Christian Coigny

Mírame y sé color

028_ccBased near Lausanne on the shores of Leman Lake, Christian Coigny has for the past 30 years developed a career in traditional black and white photography in parallel to his work in publicity and fashion. He works primarily with film. His work is anchored in a classical education and strongly influenced by American painters such as Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keefe or Andrew Wyeth, who he discovered during his 5-year stay in San Francisco. Very rapidly, important brands called him to transpose his personal mark onto their advertising campaigns. The poster advertising campaign for the department store Bon Genie Grieder, between 1975 and 1985 marked his return from the United States. His book of portraits of local artists earned him the Vitra «Celebrities» Campaign. Other photographic projects include work for clients such as Hermès, Krug Champagnes, Ferretti yachts and Hublot watches, and for many years he has participated in the creation…

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Kishin Shinoyama

Mírame y sé color

Kishin Shinoyama’sofferings from the 1960’s not only document a decade, but are also invaluable to any survey of Tokyo photography from that period. His work reveals much about the era, depicting snapshots of the student protest movement, fashion shows, dancers, avant-garde theatre troops and of course the nude shots that would subsequently form a major motif in his oeuvre.

1960’s Japan was a politically charged place experiencing rapid economic growth under the alliance with the United States. Politics, culture, society… this was the decade when ‘possibilities’ reached a critical point as contradicting elements were forced to react with one another. The photographs emerging from the Japanese capital during this period constitute the place where this metamorphosis occurred in the most radical way, and it was in the midst of this charged atmosphere that Shinoyama was taking his photographs.

The Sixties by Kishin are a vital record of how Shinoyama…

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Yin and Yang duality

Dualité magnifiquement interprétée

Sensual Artz (contains nudity, nsfw, age 18+ only)

I have always been intrigued how we all have various public faces and yet hide our true selves – our darker sides which may be our fears, anxieties, our sexuality, our guilt of committing embarrassing faux pax or other endless issues which torment us.

On this shoot, I asked Sylph Sia, my muse for the day, to express this herself, neither of us realising that perhaps at that very moment her house was being invaded and she was robbed of all the material things she held dear as well as her personal life in her hard drives.

So forever, now I will be reminded how she is able to put on her professional model « face » while at times feeling absolutely gutted by this extreme violation of her privacy.

This image is, of course, a combination of two images I took during the shoot.


I will have much more of the…

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Wow, another one of Tereza hits a new high score on 500px!

Que la Nature est belle !

Sensual Artz (contains nudity, nsfw, age 18+ only)

The following image of Tereza enjoying the balmy summer evening breeze on a mountain and just chillin out has hit my highest score ever on 500px – 96.8/100.

Looks like we did something right to capture the hearts of other photographers – not an easy thing to do!


and this one was not far behind at 96.5/100:


and followed closely by this one at 96.4/100:


I think they capture her approach to life nicely.

She is a free-spirited naturalist who is not only a gymnast but loves being nude and loves being nude in the outdoors to really experience the wonderful ambience nature provides.

I don’t direct my models, I give them freedom to express themselves without judgement.

I show them where I want them to pose so I can get a complimentary background and camera position and I can get the light working for me, but then it is…

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Le son émis par un violoncelle est des plus proches de la voix humaine, écoutez les modulations de son plaisir !




Tel ce jet musical au coeur de la fontaine je te reçois

jalousies tirées au centre des pétales en acanthes coiffant les pilastres du patio

Les balcons où se suspendent les sauts à la corde de tes seins lourds

tapent des mains comme du talon le dense du flamenco

que la caisse de bois de la guitare embusquée rattrape

et étage dans la proximité des vagues méditerranéennes relevant le bas de ta robe

à mi-cuisses pour aérer le feu du ventre plein-soleil

Déjà la chair de poule du rocking-chair me monte aux avants-bras de l’estuaire

où le premier cri de l’oiseau en vol avant la poursuite en altitude secoue la charpente navale sur son ber

Cette alliance marche nuptiale

dirigeant ton écume en traîne vers les poignées de l’incision gitane suivant le dessein que mon couteau peint…

Niala-Loisobleu – 19/08/18

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